Virtual Professional Upgrade

The Virtual Professional Upgrade includes the following services on the Virtual Event Platform.

  • Unlimited Inbound Leads (Virtual Event Platform)
  • 50 Pending Meetings (Virtual Event Platform)
  • Logo in the sidebar (Virtual Event Platform)
  • Social Media Booklet (Virtual Event Platform)
  • Email Master Class (Virtual Event Platform)
  • Keynote (Virtual Event Platform)
  • Top of the list (Virtual Event Platform)
  • 4 Targeted Notifications (Virtual Event Platform)

Only 6 Virtual Professional Packages available.

Price for physical exhibitors: € 17,425

Your services in detail

Inbound Leads

Your successful lead generation on the Virtual Event Platform

The Inbound Leads section shows you the user profiles that have shown interest in, viewed, connected with, or had a meeting with one of your exhibitor representatives, your exhibitor profile or linked products. Inbound leads are also generated when a visitor has viewed one of your sponsored sessions.

Inbound Leads cannot be exported. Only contacts can be exported. An Inbound Lead becomes a contact when they have connected with you or your company or accepted a meeting with one of your representatives.

The Virtual Professional Upgrade includes unlimited Inbound Leads.*

* Upgradeable for an additional fee while the event.

Pending Meetings

Start your networking on the Virtual Event Platform

Pending Meetings are meeting requests that you or your company’s representatives can send to other users.

The more Pending Meetings you have, the more meeting requests your company’s representatives can send. When the limit is reached, further requests cannot be sent until one of the previously sent requests has been accepted or rejected.

The Virtual Professional Upgrade includes 50 Pending Meetings.*

* Upgradeable for an additional fee while the event.

Logo in the sidebar

Benefit from the placement of your logo, company name and a brief description in a dedicated area at the bottom left of the Virtual Event Platform.

Placements rotate and link to your exhibitor profile.

Social Media Booklet

You will receive a Social Media Booklet full of advice and practical tips on how to use your own social media channels to successfully promote your company’s presence at the digital event.

Email Master Class

You will receive a five-part email series on how to successfully run your own digital event as a business.


You will receive a 30-minute livestream slot for exhibitor contributions. You can use your slot for a keynote speech or a product presentation.

You will need to agree the content of your keynote/product presentation with the organizer in advance.

Top of the list

Your exhibitor profile will be displayed at the very top of the list of exhibitors. Thus, you draw the attention of the visitors to your company.

Placements rotate, max. 6 placements are available.

Targeted Notification

Connect with the visitors of IAA MOBILITY Virtual and send a notification to your target group. The Virtual Professional Package includes 4 Targeted Notifcations.*

By clicking on the notification, users are taken directly to your company profile.

*As availability is limited, please inform us as early as possbile about your desired mailing dates.


Your contact

IAA Media Services
Phone:+49 89 66 61 66 44