Startup Media Package

Welcome to IAA MOBILITY 2021!

Booking your startup package was the first step to enhance your success at the trade fair. In order to use this package deal to its fullest extent, this site provides more information on all services included in your basic entry in the media of IAA MOBILITY 2021 and on our media package offer especially for startups.

Startup Media Package

Draw even more attention to your trade fair presence. With your logo in all directories and media of IAA MOBILITY 2021 as well as a detailed product presentation you highlight your entry and will be found quickly and easily!

The Startup Media Package includes the following services*:

  • 1 standard teaser in the section „Startups“
  • 1 premium product presentation/innovation
  • Logo in all directories

Price: € 560

30 % price advantage compared to booking individually

Your services in detail

Standard teaser in the section „Startups“

Win the visitors of IAA MOBILITY over even before the trade fair begins: Your standard teaser appears in the section „Startups“ in the exhibitor portal and draws the visitors‘ attention to your company!

Premium product presentations/innovations

Share detailed information about your product or innovation!

Your premium product presentation includes:

  • 1 key visual
  • 3 additional pictures
  • 800 characters of text incl. spaces per language (German and English)
  • 3 product videos
  • 3 short texts to describe your product highlights or technical features
  • 1 PDF for download
  • 1 call to action button

You can decide if you want to publish your presentation in the exhibitor portal and in the IAA App either in the section “Product presentations” or – in case it is a world innovation or novelty – in the section “Innovations”.

Logo in all directories

Highlight your company and upgrade your entry. Your logo appears next to your entries in all directories and is also published on your exhibitor profile in the exhibitor portal, in the IAA App and on the virtual platform.

Mandatory communication fee / Basic entry

The mandatory communication fee includes the basic entry in the official media.

The following services are included in this basic entry:

  • Company name, street, postal code, town, country, phone, e-mail and internet address, social media links (IAA app, exhibitor portal, virtual platform)
  • Key visual (IAA app, exhibitor portal, virtual platform)
  • Location on the summit and open space (IAA app, exhibitor portal)
  • Teaser text on the exhibitor portal (80 characters of text incl. spaces)
  • Company profile (800 characters of text incl. spaces) (IAA app, exhibitor portal, virtual platform)
  • 3 entries without logo in the list of product categories (IAA app, exhibitor portal)
  • Innovations basic with title and 200 characters of text (IAA app, exhibitor portal)
  • Contact persons (IAA app)
  • Alphabetical entry in the IAA Visitor Guide

Your contact

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