Press services

  • Your press release on the exhibitor profil (exhibitor portal)

    Your press release on the exhibitor profil (exhibitor portal)

  • 3 pictures, downloads and a press contact

    3 pictures, downloads and a press contact

  • Press compartment at the Press Center

    Press compartment at the Press Center

Press compartment: At the Press Center and online

Present your company to the international media and local press at IAA MOBILITY 2021!

Do you want to promote your exhibit with efficient PR work? Our PR services are an effective way to inform the press and bloggers as well as potential visitors about your company, your products and applications prior to IAA MOBILITY 2021. For the mobility industry, IAA MOBILITY 2021 is one of the most important industry events in the world.

Online press compartment

Start your presswork before the event even begins: Post your press releases and pictures online at our website and present your company information, news and product information in German and English. Your online press compartments will be published on the official exhibitor portal. A link on guides the users directly to the online press compartments on the exhibitor portal.

Sustainable mobility is a focus topic at the IAA MOBILITY. We are also following this idea in planning the event. Therefore, we encourage the booking of the online press boxes and would like to offer you a more attractive price here.

Press compartment at the press center

Throughout IAA MOBILITY, the East and West Press Centers will be open to representatives of the media. Journalists and bloggers can use the press centers for a range of activities, such as researching and writing articles, and can store their press kits and printed materials in dedicated press pigeonholes.

Your deadline for booking a press compartment at the press center is September 07, 2021. If you plan on providing your news multilingually, we recommend one compartment per language.

Online press compartment* € 45
Press compartment at the press center (max. 2 compartments per exhibitor) € 75

*Per online press compartment up to 10 press releases with up to 3 pictures possible.


Press conference rooms: Options for your press activities

At IAA Mobility we would like to support you with first-class PR work to reach your goals. That’s why we offer you a broad repertoire of options for ensuring that you reach the international trade press and local press representatives in the best possible way. In principle, all press activities are possible at your own stand, on the Conference Stage, in the ICM hall or in the Press Center West or East. We will be happy to advise you personally on this.

Press conference rooms Cost overview for download

Press event calendar

Whether it comes to a press conference, a tour for journalists or a VIP visit at your stand – in the Exhibitor Shop you can enter all press events that you are planning to hold during IAA MOBILITY 2021. The press event calendar will be published in the event database under the section “press”.

Simply send us time, place (hall and stand number or room), topic, the speaker’s name and the name of a contact if there are any questions. You can also include a file with your invitation that people can download.

Press event calendar free of charge

Booking will be available soon.


Editorial Index for exhibitors

The Editorial Index lists all national and international media representatives who have been accredited for IAA MOBILITY 2021 and have agreed to publish their data for this purpose. Use the editorial index and get in touch early. Set up appointments and make valuable media contacts.

Delivery dates:
July 19, 2021
August 09, 2021
August 31, 2021

Editorial Index for exhibitors (service charge) € 500

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Press compartment
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Phone:+49 89 66 61 66 44
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