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Image building and Employer branding – stand out!

As a sponsor of electronica experience you promote your image as an employer, your credibility and your competitiveness in the “war for talent” and you gain additional increased visibility towards your target groups students and high school students.

In 1997, Steven Hankins coined the term „war for talent“ in a McKinsey study. Today, 21 years later, almost all companies are facing this increasing competitive pressure in the fight for young talent. And there is still no end in sight.

People rely heavily on their emotions when buying a product and candidates do so even more when deciding on an employer. Companies who score points in this respect and set themselves apart from their competitors have a higher chance of attracting trainees and exceptionally talented specialists and also of retaining those that they want.

The emotionalization of products is already a standard practice in classic brand marketing. This emotional approach, however, is just as significant in employer branding. Employer branding is therefore becoming increasingly important. A strong employer brand will help you most effectively in your acquisition of skilled and young talent. Inspiring these target groups with your company is an important step on the way to successful recruiting.

With the premiere of the electronica experience electronica’s new 4-days-Electronics Experience and Career Event you will find an innovative format to help you make a name for yourself and to emotionalise both your company and your products.

Sponsorship e-Experience Students

Sponsorship e-Experience High School Students


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