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Lanyard sponsoring

Distribution: Entrance West, East, North and North-West

  Quantity Rent Production Goal
Lanyard sponsoring 60,000 pieces € 10,000 On request


Mobile promotion

Location: Entrance West, halls and hall entrances

  Distribution Costs Goal
Mobile promotion In the entrances
after the turnstiles,
in the halls as well
as in the connecting corridors
€ 550
per person/day

Tickets for the promoters are included in the promotion approval. Material (no lanyards and bags) and promotional staff must be provided by the exhibitor. Items filled with helium are not allowed.


Chargemente en cours de…

Promotion point

Location: In the connecting corridors

  Size Rent Goal
Promotion point Max. 6 m² € 4,500


Chargemente en cours de…

Restaurant advertising

Location: All open catering establishments

  Size Rent Production Goal
Napkins and
tray pads
30 x 30 cm
Tray pads:
30 x 40 cm
On request On request


Your contact

Senad Kabashi
Media Sales
T+49 89 949-20595
F+49 89 949-97-20595