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Online catalog: Advertisement

The online catalog is the most used medium for research and trade fair preparation. Here visitors can find all entries in the list of exhibitors, in the product index and in the brand index. Take advantage of the high traffic and draw attention to your company with an attractive banner placement.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Online catalog: 1.3 million page impressions a year
  • Prominent placements with maximum reach
  • Intensive use of the media before, during and after the trade show
  • Online until next ISPO Munich
  Format Price
Exclusive welcome interstitial* 640 x 960 px € 2,750
Skyscraper 120 x 600 px,
468 x 60 px, 234 x 60 px**
€ 1,650
Medium rectangle 300 x 250 px € 1,250
Quick link 80 x 60 px € 350
* Bookable only once.
** We require your banner in different sizes because the online catalog is in responsive design.


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Online catalog: Exclusive sponsoring of product categories

Address your target group! Exclusively sponsor often-used product categories in the online catalog! Your permanent banner appears exclusively in the main category and the corresponding sub-categories you sponsor. It links to a website of your choice. In addition, a splash screen pops up when users enter your sponsored section.

All product categories are up for exclusive sponsoring:

  • Winter Sports
  • Ball & Team Sports
  • Racket Sports
  • Indoor Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Inline Sports
  • Bile Sports
  • Water Sports
  • Board Sports
  • Fitness Sports & Wellness
  • Track & Field Sports
  • Funsports & Games
  • Sports Fashion & Accessoires
  • Fabrics & Materials
  • Shop, Field & Hall Equipment
  • Media, Associations & Services

The ISPO Munich product index with all main and subcategories is available for download here.

Exclusive sponsoring of product categories* € 795 each
* Bookable only once per product category.


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  • Skyscraper


  • Content banner

    Content banner is an international news portal for all topics around the sports business with daily news, background stories, trends and interviews. As one of the leading platforms in the sports industry this platform reaches around 12.5 million page views per year.

In this environment you can place your skyscraper or content banner and benefit from this high reach of With that you can reach potential customers and business partners.

  Format Price
Skyscraper* 120 x 600 px € 1,500
Content banner 278 x 90 px € 1,200
* Banners rotate. The placement of the banner can vary depending on the chosen website and terminal device. Skyscraper can only be displayed at a desktop.


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  • Super banner

    Super banner

  • Skyscraper


Advertise in the ISPO Munich section on and benefit from the strong branding of ISPO Munich not only during the trade fair but year-round.

Make the most of the high reach to address the sports business experts. Take advantage of ISPO Munich’s advertising potential.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • More than 3.1 million page impressions per year
  • Information platform for ISPO Munich (e.g. journey, tickets)
  • Presence of your advertisement in the digital leading media
  • Intensive use of the media before and after the trade show
  • Responsive design: Optimized for desktop, tablet and mobil
  Format Price
Super banner* 728 x 90 px € 1,750
Skyscraper* 120 x 600 px € 1,200
* Banners rotate. The placement of the banner can vary depending on the chosen website and terminal device. Super banners can only be displayed at a desktop and tablet. Skyscraper can only be displayed at a desktop.


WiFi sponsoring

Welcome the ISPO Munich visitors right at the begining of their trade fair attendance – when they log in to the free WiFi at the fair grounds.

Everyone who wants to use the WiFi service has to register on the portal page. By placing a banner on this page you will reach all trade fair visitors using this service.

WiFi sponsoring* € 1,950
* Bookable only once.


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  • Fullsize banner

    Fullsize banner

  • Halfsize banner

    Halfsize banner

  • Content ad

    Content ad

ISPO Munich visitor information

Benefit from the high-quality and up-to-date information of ISPO Munich’s visitor emailing and appear on the screens of more than 159,000 experts and managers of the sports business on a regular basis.

Make your choice out of six dates of dispatch.

  Format Price
Fullsize banner 468 x 60 px € 950*
Halfsize banner 234 x 60 px € 555*
Content ad Picture: 255 x 185 px
Headline: 30 characters (incl. spaces)
Text: 350 characters (incl. spaces)
€ 950*
* Price per issue.


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