In the halls
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  • Banner in the connecting corridor

    Banner in the connecting corridor

  • Banner in the Atrium

    Banner in the Atrium


A must for attracting casual customers: use the busy atrium and the corridors connecting the halls for your advertising message. The two-sided banners are bound to grab trade fair participants’ attention straight away.

  Size Rent Production
In the connecting corridor 400 x 100 cm 1,900 € 500 € (both-sided)
In the Atrium or Expressway 600 x 150 cm 950 € 500 €


Hall entrance areas

Make sure you get one of these first-class locations in the hall entrance area. The large-format spaces sited immediately after the connecting corridors to the halls address participants as soon as they enter the hall concerned and are ideal signposts to your booth.

  Size Rent Production
Hall entrance areas 204 x 189 cm 1,500 € 300 €


  • Urinal sticker, toilets in the halls

    Urinal sticker, toilets in the halls

  • Mirror sticker, toilets in the halls

    Mirror sticker, toilets in the halls

  • Digital mirror advertisement

    Digital mirror advertisement

Advertising in the washrooms and toilets

Impossible to ignore: put the spotlight on your company in restrooms – with stickers and decals on mirrors or walls, or with the fascinating digital mirrors.

  Size Rent Production
Urinal sticker 30 x 30 cm 65 € Upon request
Mirror sticker 60 x 30 cm 95 € Upon request
Digital mirror advertisement
(only in hall B2 southside)
Landscape format:
1.920 x 1.080 px
5,000 €/
8 mirrors
(4 x ladies,
4 x men
for the entire
event duration


A highly unusual form of advertising that is bound to put you on a firm footing with your customers. The floor areas with your advertising message can be booked at strategically important locations throughout the entire trade fair center.

  Size Rent Production
Floorgraphics 95 x 95 cm 480 € 130 €
  135 x 95 cm 520 € 180 €

  • Gate sticker Atrium

    Gate sticker Atrium

  • Gate sticker delivery courtyard

    Gate sticker delivery courtyard

Gate sticker

Multi-piece window stickers that welcome your guests from all over the world in the atrium and in the delivery courtyards: secure one of the attractive locations now!

  Size Rent Production
Gate sticker      
Atrium 586 x 211 cm 4,800 € 1,100 €
Delivery courtyard 491 x 471 cm 6,500 € 2,000 €

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