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Online Catalog

The Online Catalog is boasting many useful services for research and trade fair preparation.

Draw attention to your company e.g. with a digital cover and increase the visibility of your company. The welcome interstitial appears on the home page of the Online Catalog. Benefit from maximum exposure and prominence with an eye-catching leaderboard placement or increase your click rate with the directory banner.

  Format Amount Price
Welcome interstitial 640 x 960 px Exclusive 3,500 €
Leaderboard Upon request max. 10 2,500 €
Directory banner Upon request 1,250 €
Medium rectangle (home page) Upon request 1,250 €
Video YouTube-Link 350 €


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    Company session

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    Targeting notification


The industry is unanimous: There is a great desire for a face-to-face event. At the same time not everyone – exhibitors and participants alike – will be able to be on site in Munich for EXPO REAL 2021. Our solution: a digital platform for exhibitors and participants with a curated conference program, exhibitor presentations as well as opportunities for international networking.

Draw EXPO REAL ONLINE participants’ attention with prominent placements. That way your digital presence during the event cannot be overlooked.

  Format Amount Price
Company session Upon request 5,000 €
Chat banner Upon request Max. 10 2,450 €
Logo banner (sidebar) .eps 1,950 €
Targeting notification Upon request 1 per hour 1,950 €


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    Medium rectangle

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EXPO REAL website

Advertise on and benefit from the strong branding of EXPO REAL not only during the trade fair but year-round.

Make the most up to 2 million page impressions per year to reach your industry’s experts. Take advantage of the EXPO REAL website’s potential.

Reach your industry’s experts and benefit from the exposure of the medium rectangle which is placed on the home page as well as on often-used categories. Or your company will be appear on the most important subpages of with the superbanner or the small rectangle.

  Format Price
Superbanner* 728 x 90 px 2,550 €
Medium rectangle* 300 x 250 px 1,950 €
Small rectangle* 180 x 150 px 1,150 €
* Please note that some of the content pages are excluded from publication.


Visitor emailing

Benefit from the high-quality and up-to-date information of EXPO REAL’s visitor emailing and appear on the screens of up to 31,700 and more experts and managers on a regular basis.

As sponsor of one visitor emailing you can use exclusively all ad placements for your comunication and you gain the full attention of the industry.

  Amount Format Price
Exclusive sponsoring 1 Upon request 3,500 €
Fullsize banner 1 468 x 60 px 950 €
Halfsize banner 1 234 x 60 px 650 €
Content ad 1 Upon request 750 €


Job adverts

Are you looking for qualified specialists and employees? Our job market can help.

It allows you to publish your job openings and thesis themes in the Online Catalog. They are posted in the section “job market” and on your detailed exhibitor page.

  Quantity Price per advert
Job advert 1 – 5 490 €
  From 6 – 10 390 €
Thesis theme* 1 – 5 490 €
  From 6 – 10 390 €
* Your participation as a CareerDay exhibitor already includes the publication of one job advert and one thesis theme. A 10 % price advantage on graduated prices is also granted when job adverts and further thesis themes are booked.


Your contact

Mareen Kummer
Media services
Tel.:+49 89 666166-54
Fax:+49 89 666166-55