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  • Exclusive welcome interstitial

    Exclusive welcome interstitial

  • Exclusive banner in search results

    Exclusive banner in search results

  • Exclusive application/product sponsoring

    Exclusive application/product sponsoring

  • Exclusive favorites banner

    Exclusive favorites banner

Exhibitor portal: exclusive placements

Presented in a new look, the exhibitor portal is boasting many useful services for research and trade fair preparation.

Draw attention to your company with a digital cover and increase the visibility of your company. The welcome interstitial appears on the home page of the exhibitor portal.

Increase your click rate with prominent placements in the search results overview and in the list of products or in the list of applications or be placed as favorites banner.

  Format Price
Exclusive welcome interstitial on request € 8,500
Exclusive banner in search results on request € 1,500
Exclusive application sponsoring on request € 1,890
Exclusive sponsoring of a product sector on request € 1,990
Exclusive favorites banner on request € 1,750


  • Leaderboard


  • Directory banner

    Directory banner

  • Quick link

    Quick link

Exhibitor portal: high-reach banners

The exhibitor portal with its many features is an essential source of information when preparing the visit to electronica. Draw attention to your company with an attractive banner placement.

Benefit from maximum exposure and prominence with an eye-catching leader board placement. Or increase the visibility of your company with the medium rectangle on the home page already at the beginning of show preparation.

Make use of this option and draw attention to your company – with your logo as a quick link in the footer of the exhibitor portal and at or the directory banner in the alphabetical listing.

  Format Price
Leaderboard on request € 4,750
Directory banner on request € 1,990
Quick link on request € 990


  • Superbanner


  • Medium rectangle

    Medium rectangle

  • Content banner

    Content banner

Advertise on and benefit from the strong branding of electronica not only during the trade fair but year-round.

Make the most up to 1.61 million page impressions* to reach your industry’s experts. Take advantage of the electronica website’s potential.

Benefit from the prominence of the superbanner which is placed on the most important subpages of The medium rectangle appears on the home page as well as on often-used categories. And the content banner is prominently displayed on the content pages.

* Survey period: May – November 2018
  Format Price
Superbanner 120 x 600 px € 4,950
Medium rectangle 300 x 250 px € 2,100
Content banner 468 x 60 px € 1,990



Video advertising sparks interest.

Benefit from our offer to integrate your video on your virtual booth and in your profile in the exhibitor portal.


Video integration € 495


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