electronica Experience
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electronica Experience—Inspire trade visitors and the media

The experience and career event of electronica in hall C6 of the Munich fairground will be continued this year.


discovery stage: Press Conference – Company Presentation – Key Note Speech

The discovery stage is at the center of the electronica experience. The large stage is framed by three terraces that serve as seating and lounge areas for the visitors.

Starting on Wednesday, November 11 it will be the hot spot for keynotes by top-class speakers on various technology, career choice or simply entertaining topics that strike just the right chord for each of the target audiences. Why not make use of this platform for your recruiting event?


Demo Areas: Even More Visibility through Action and Branding

electronica Experience excels as a combination of first-hand experience and information that inspires curiosity in its participants first and foremost with your demo. The hall’s central and defining feature is that it enables live demos of your product’s applications. Making you an attraction for your target market and the focus of their attention.

For all live demos with an increased need for space (e.g. because they are best presented or tested while in motion), book special demo areas directly adjacent to your stand. These will be delineated by colored floor markings. Demo areas that require a firm boundary for reasons of security or because of the need to restrict access, offer you even more opportunities for branding and extra visibility with respect to young professionals, trade visitors and the media.

Demo Area:
  • € 55/m² from 10 m² up to 50 m²
  • € 50/m² from 51 m² up to 100 m²
  • for larger areas ask for a quotation


Divison by Mannesmann barriers:

including branding (fitted covers): € 182/piece,
without branding: € 70/piece

Floor markings:

€ 10/rm


Your contact

Andrea Eisenschink, Justus Schade
electronica Fast Forward, electronica Experience
Tel.:+49 89 949-20331, -20372