Special advertising spaces
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Mobile Promotion

Location: In the entrance area behind the turnstiles, all over the premises


Mobile Promotion 1,100 € per day/team with a maximum of 2 persons*
* The number of teams is limited


Tote bag sponsoring

Location: Connecting corridor


  Price Production
Tote bag sponsoring 5,000 € per 15,000 pieces* Upon request
*(maximum of 2 exhibitors)


Lanyard sponsoring

Location: Entrance West


  Price Production
Lanyard sponsoring 5,000 € per 15,000 pieces
each exhibitor*
Upon request
* (maximum of 2 exhibitors)


Catering sponsoring

Location: in all restaurants


  Quantity Price (incl. production)
Catering sponsoring Upon request Upon request


Your contact

Julia Krampe
Media Sales
Phone:+49 89 949-20592