Your company entry
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List of exhibitors

Visitors can find the alphabetical list of exhibitors in the Show Guide as well as in the exhibitor portal.

Do you you want to be found under another name in the list of exhibitors? Then you can book the entry under an additional name.

Entry under an additional name 295 €
Top of the list placement* 295 €
* only online; max. 3 placements bookable; only bookable with Media Package Medium and Large


Exhibitor profile

Extend your detailed entry!

Your company’s presence in the INHORGENTA MUNICH media is the key to your success. We provide you this way to put your company in the focus of visitors.

Additional video* 195 €
Additional product presentation* 195 €
* only bookable with one Media Package


List of trademarks

Draw attention to your brands!

Visitors can find the list of trademarks in the exhibitor portal. With your logo you highlight your brand and upgrade your basic entry.

Extended entry with logo* 95 €
* each brand (Requirement min. Media Package Small)


List of products

Let your offer speak for itself!

Visitors can find the product index in the exhibitor portal.

Make sure you are in pole position in your product category! With the top of the list placement your company appears right at the top of the alphabetical listing in the exhibitor portal.

Single-line product entry 95 €
Top of the list placement* 195 €
* only online; max. 3 placements bookable; only bookable with Media Package Medium and Large


Basic entry

The mandatory communication fee (see Special Terms of Participation B 3) includes the basic entry in the official media which is billed by Messe München GmbH with the admission invoice.

The following services are included in this basic entry:

  • In the alphabetical list of exhibitors:
    Company name, street, postal code, town, country, phone, e-mail and internet address, hall/booth
  • In the printed Show Guide only company name, adress, hall/booth and internet address
  • Digital contact form
  • In the product index:
    1 single-line product entry
  • In the list of trademarks*:
    Listing of all your brands with your brand‘s name, company name, hall/booth
  • In the Show Guide’s hall plan and alphabetical list of exhibitors:
    Company name, hall/booth
  • 1 product presentation with 1 product picture and 800 characters of text
    (incl. spaces, in the exhibitor portal)
  • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn; in the exhibitor portal)
  • Teaser text in the list of exhibitors and on your exhibitor profile in the exhibitor portal (80 characters incl. spaces)

Exhibitors can book further entries in the respective advertising media for extra charges. Exhibitors who register after March 10, 2022 will only be listed in the online media.

* Please only note down legally valid brands and trademarks. The indication of mere exhibitor, collection, product or similar names are not intended for the list of trademarks and will not be taken into account. The Media Services and the INHORGENTA MUNICH project team reserve their right to delete false information.