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Vouchers for one-day tickets / permanent tickets

A full exhibition stand and plenty of promising contacts: Don’t forget to invite your potential customers to the fair personally by sending them a voucher for a one-day ticket / permanent ticket – a free admission voucher for productronica.

It really is worth the trouble! The overwhelming majority of visitors who receive vouchers visit the stand of the exhibitor who invited them to the fair. We also keep a record of the numbers of all vouchers redeemed at the entrance. You can access the address information at the Exhibitor Shop after the fair. That way you know who actually used their guest tickets, information you can incorporate into your other post-fair activities.

Online vouchers and printed vouchers are free of charge and available in unlimited quantities!

Online voucher Free of charge
Printed voucher Free of charge


Voucher banner

Simplify the registration process for your guests by posting a voucher banner on your homepage. Your visitors can use the banner to register in advance using the vouchers or online vouchers for one-day tickets that you sent them. They will then receive a print@home ticket by e-mail.

The advantage: You know in advance who plans to visit your exhibition stand. Simply download the voucher banner and pre-registration information at

Voucher banner Free of charge


productronica logo as ad inset

Inform your customers that you will be exhibiting at the fair ahead of time. Simply incorporate the fair’s logo along with your hall and stand numbers into your print ads. Files in print-ready PDF format are available for download at the Exhibitor Shop at

  • Size 100 mm x 30 mm
  • Size 40 mm x 30 mm
  • Size 35 mm x 15 mm
productronica logo as ad inset Free of charge


Personalized banners for your homepage

Call your customers‘ attention to your presence at the fair. Post an invitation banner on your homepage that includes your hall and stand number.

Banners with the productronica design can be downloaded at the Exhibitor Shop at Banners are available in various sizes in PNG format.

Personalized banners for your homepage free of charge


Lead Management Service

Our lead management service is a full-service solution for recording information from meetings with visitors at the fair. This service is particularly suitable for exhibitors who use paper contact sheets and need the information in the form of an Excel list quickly, so that they can respond to visitor inquiries.

We will work with you to compile an ideal lead sheet based on your trade-fair objectives and the information that you want to get from your visitors at the fair. As many printed copies of your lead sheets as you need will be delivered to your exhibition stand prior to the show.

During the fair, the MEPLAN team will digitize your lead sheets and the information that they contain on site. You will receive daily updates of the results in the form of a quality-tested data set in an Excel table with all contact and meeting information as well as assessments regarding visitor profile and interests.

The advantage: No tying up of resources ahead of, during and after the exhibition, post-fair follow-up can begin while the event is still on-going.

We would be pleased to send you a free, non-binding offer for our services.

Lead Management Service on request


Your key to trade fair success

Professional trade fair planning is the best way to guarantee that you make optimum use of productronica to communicate with your target groups. The initiative ‘Your key to trade fair success’ gives you access to an extensive range of fair-related know-how in the form of various training courses, a handbook for pre-show planning as well as templates and checklists. The package of helpful tools and services gives you additional practical support in the implementation of the most important steps as you prepare for, participate in and follow up on the fair. For productronica we are offering the following workshops and trainings:

Exhibitor workshops:
Designing your trade fair stand: June 6, 2019
Trade show planning workshop: July 2, 2019

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to event

Online training courses:
Module 1: Planning your trade fair appearance, June 26, 2019
Module 2: Designing your trade fair stand, July 3, 2019
Module 3: Visitor marketing, July 10, 2019
Module 4: Communication at your trade fair stand, September 18, 2019
Module 5: Trade fair follow-up and evaluation, September 25, 2019

You can sign up for the training courses on the portal of the ‘Your key to trade fair success’ initiative. There you will also find a white paper and checklists for your successful trade show preparation.

The productronica project team will pay the participation fee for all registered exhibitors.

Initiative ‘Your key to trade fair success’ free of charge


Trade fair training courses

A friendly smile is considered an essential tool of the trade at every show, but that’s not all you need. At the trade fair, your stand team will be in a special communication situation. Not only do your staff members have to actively approach the visitors, they also have to cope with unexpected and sometimes critical situations.

With MEPLAN CONSULT, your stand team becomes a success factor:

In-house training courses:
These training sessions offer an optimal preparation for the communicative challenges at the exhibition stand, based on practice-oriented, interactive examples.

Trade Show Kick-off:
The kick-off event serves as a perfect motivation boost right before the start of the trade fair, delivered on your exhibition stand.

Live trade-fair training:
We check the service quality of your stand staff and give you feedback in a coaching session already during the trade show.

These will offer you an effective tutorial for your communication and behavioral strategy for the show, which your staff can simply attend from their PC.

Trade fair training courses on request



The success of your trade show participation is what counts. MEPLAN CONSULT helps you measure your success.

Service quality analysis
MEPLAN CONSULT actively participates in your stand event. Afterwards, the evaluation results will be discussed so that optimizations can be implemented already during the show.

Exhibition stand feedback
Our exhibition stand specialists will give you professional feedback on your trade fair presentation. The analysis of your stand is carried out based on an extensive catalog of assessment criteria.

Evaluation on request



Millions of international B2B decision makers at the push of a button.


Digital Marketing Technology for your B2B Growth.
TrustedTargeting powered by productronica lets you reach your target group which you meet at the trade show – always and anywhere online, even when there is no show going on.

TrustedTargeting is a technology that allows you to address B2B decision makers on the internet — no matter what website they visit. The process is quite simple: You provide us with creative material. We realize the online campaign based on our B2B data. Potential customers visit your website.

Fast, measurable and with high cost control our clients gain:

  • access to new target groups online and thereby realize a greater market potential while fully adhering to data privacy laws.
  • a new tool in their digital marketing mix for their international growth strategy that works on all relevant devices and channels.
  • access to a unique and trusted data basis through real customer touchpoints for over 18 B2B industries.


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