Digital combinations
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Chargemente en cours de…
  • Digital bundle 1

    Digital bundle 1

  • Digital bundle 2

    Digital bundle 2

Digital bundle offers

Gain visitors’ attention in all digital OutDoor by ISPO media channels! Benefit also from an attractive price advantage.

Digital bundle placements make an appearance in the online catalog, app, on and in the OutDoor by ISPO visitor information.

The digital bundle 1 focuses on maximum exposure and traffic on your landing page. Digital bundle 2 opts for maximum exposure for your content visitors are searching for more and more often.

Digital bundle 1 Directory banner (app & online catalog)
Halfsize banner (OutDoor by ISPO visitor information)
Skyscraper (
€ 1,645
Digital bundle 2 In-app notification basic (app)
Presentation incl. premium highlight (online catalog)
Content ad (OutDoor by ISPO visitor information)
Super banner (
€ 2,150


Chargemente en cours de…
  • Directory banner

    Directory banner

  • Favorites banner

    Favorites banner

  • Event banner

    Event banner

  • Exclusive hall sponsoring

    Exclusive hall sponsoring

Cross-media banner

To awaken the interest of potential new business partners, you can book a banner, with persuasive advertising copy, in the online catalog and in the OutDoor by ISPO app.

Choose a banner that suits your OutDoor by ISPO marketing strategy best. Make maximum exposure your priority and opt for the banner in the exhibitor directory of the online catalog and the app.

Exclusive advertising in visitors’ favorites lists or next to the OutDoor by ISPO event calendar also gets your company noticed. Turn the spotlight to your event during OutDoor by ISPO and guide interested trade fair visitors to your booth and directly to your website.

To highlight your location and to guide visitors directly to your booth, you can also sponsor your hall exclusively. Your logo shows on the hall overview of the app. In the online catalog your banner pops up next to your hall plan.

Whatever you opt for, your new contacts are just one click away.


Directory banner € 750
Favorites banner* € 850
Event banner* € 850
Exclusive hall sponsoring** € 650
* Bookable only once.
** Bookable only once per hall.


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