Startup database entry for Tech Alley startups
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Welcome to EXPO REAL 2019

Booking your Tech Alley booth package was the first step to enhance your success at the trade fair. In order to use this package deal to its fullest extend, this site provides more information on your company entry in the EXPO REAL exhibiton directories (online catalog incl. a startup database, app, print media).

This is how it’s done:

  • Submit company details, social media links and your key visual
  • Submit your logo
  • Submit your company portrait

Please email us the details by May 27, 2019.

If your attachments are too large for an email, please contact us.

Services in detail

  • Company entry

    Company entry

  • Social media links

    Social media links

  • Key visual

    Key visual

Company entry in the EXPO REAL exhibiton directories

The entry in the exhibiton directories (online catalog incl. startup database, app, print media) includes the following services:

  • Alphabetical list of exhibitors in the online catalog, app and print catalog:

    Company name
    Street, postal code, town, country
    Phone/fax, email and internet address
    Hall/booth: A3.140 Tech Alley
    List of exhibitor representatives*

    Listing of the company founders (online catalog, app)

    Social media links for Xing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube (online catalog, app)

    1 key visual (online catalog, app)

  • Industry directory in the online catalog, app and print catalog:
    1 entry** in the industry directory with company name, hall/booth: A3.140 Tech Alley
  • EXPO REAL Guide’s alphabetical list of exhibitors:
    Company name, hall/booth: A3.140 Tech Alley
* Requirements for the publication in the EXPO REAL exhibiton directories are a valid ticket for this year’s event as well as the consent to be published. From June 17, 2019 on, you can order your ticket here.
** The industry was indicated during the online application for EXPO REAL. Changes can only be made with the EXPO REAL exhibiton director.

Logo in the list of exhibitors

Participants can find your logo in the alphabetical list of exhibitors of the online catalog, the app as well as the print catalog. Your logo appears above your entry as well as in the search result lists.

Please submit your logo as follows:

  • .eps, .tif, .bmp, (.jpg)
  • 60 x 16 mm, min. 800 dpi
  • 4 color

Please note: This logo will among other things be used for graphic prints on site of the Tech Alley as well as in the editorial EXPO REAL trade fair media.


Company portrait (online, app)

The company portrait is also an element of your Tech Alley booth package and showcases your company in the online catalog and EXPO REAL app.

It includes:

  • Your logo
  • Max. 1,700 characters of text including spaces (text must be written in English)


Please note that the EXPO REAL startup database is not the same as Built World Innovation database of our cooperation partner Built World Innovation (formerly known as “Real Estate Innovation Network”). For more information go to

Tech Alley startups can book more liable-to-pay-the-costs services via EXPO REAL Media Services, or via the Exhibitor Shop from June 17, 2019 on.

Your contact

Mareen Kummer
Media Services
Tel.:+49 89 666166-54
Fax:+49 89 666166-55
Isabella Bayer
Your contact for your Tech Alley trade fair appearance
Tel.:+49 89 949-20431