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As big as a movie screen: impressive megaposters guide participants from the entrance directly to your booth. These oversized attention-getters ensure that you “control the airspace” inside the busy Entrance West i.e. directly next to the registration counters.

  Size Rent Production
Megaposter, Entrance West 600 x 600 cm 10,000 € 2,508 €



No matter whether participants are climbing the stairway step by step or taking the escalator – your stairway advertising gets noticed. Let the stairs at the ICM take your company right to the top in 34 steps.

  Size Rent Production
Staircases ICM 200 x 15 cm, 34 stairs 3,200 € 750 €

  • Vertically large-size banner, Entrance West

    Vertically large-size banner, Entrance West

  • Banner flags, Entrance West

    Banner flags, Entrance West

  • Banner at the balustrade

    Banner at the balustrade

Banners and flags

Enhanced success via intelligently placed advertising. Welcome participants to the trade fair right at the entrance and guide them directly to your exhibition booth with eye-catching banners or flags.

  Size Rent Production
Vertically large-size banner 450 x 700 cm 5,200 € 1,426 €
Banner flags 120 x 250 cm 712 € 241 €
Banner at the balustrade/foyer ICM 400 x 100 cm 1,200 € 215 €


Mobile light box

This mobile form of advertising points participants in the right direction. Locate the light box with advertising on one side at a strategically favorable place in the Entrance West area and guide your customers straight to your booth.

  Size Rent Production
Mobile light box 350 x 260 cm 3.040 € 550 €
  248 x 598 cm 3,600 € 850 €

Handrail escalator

Innovative and extraordinary: your advertisement on escalator handrails—a space that automatically catches the eye when using the escalator.

  Size Price
Handrail escalator 80 m right and left 30 €/m


A highly unusual form of advertising that is bound to put you on a firm footing with your customers. The floor areas with your advertising message can also be booked in the entrances.

  Size Rent Production
Floorgraphics 95 x 95 cm 368 € 120 €
  135 x 95 cm 400 € 170 €

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