Digital Visibility Package
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  • Digital Conference Banner

    Digital Conference Banner

  • Summit Presentation Package

    Summit Presentation Package

  • Small rectangle

    Small rectangle

  • Quick Link

    Quick Link

  • In-app push notification

    In-app push notification

A truly memorable all-round appearance.

All the features of the Summit Presentation Package plus special positioning in some of the most highprofile advertising spaces at the venue.

Added value just for you:

  • Digital conference banner
  • Summit Presentation Package
  • Premium company teaser
  • Small rectangle auf
  • Quick Link (Online Catalog + 1 visitor emailing)
  • In-app push notification


Price: 3,850 €

Exclusive services – only with package deals!

Services in detail:

Quick Link

A prominent logo placement increases your recognition factor. Make use of this option for attracting participantsto your smart space on-site or your presentation area in the digital Summit – with your logo as a quick link in the footer of the Online Catalog and in one visitor emailing.

Summit presentation package

Give your company a face and provide EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit participants with an insight into your range of services by offering a brief introduction to your organization and projects before the event gets underway.

Added value just for you:

  • Your main topic
  • 5 presentations of your projects each with 1 picture and 1000 characters of text including spaces
  • 5 general download PDFs (e.g. brochures)
  • Top of the list placement
  • Company or project video

In-app-push notification

Reach all visitors just using the app with a prominently placed in-app notification. If you would like to draw attention to your stand present a workshop, this is a great way to notify participants whether or not they are on site and get them talking about you.

Premium company teaser (online)

Present your company throughout the year on the home page of the Online Catalog:

  • Your logo and picture
  • A catchy headline per language (German and English) with max. 50 characters of text including spaces
  • Teaser text with max. 80 characters of text including spaces


Your teaser then links to your detailed exhibitor page.

Small rectangle (online)

Advertise on and benefit from the strong branding of EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit not only during the trade fair but year-round.

Your small rectangle appears on the most important subpages of

Digital conference banner

Appear on the screens of participants by placing a banner below the streaming of a forum session of the digital summit. Your banner links to your detailed exhibitor page. Just let us know in which forum we should place your banner.

Your contact

EXPO REAL Media Services
Tel.:+49 89 666166-54
Fax:+49 89 666166-55