ABB Immobilien und Projekte GmbH


25+ years of expertise in CREM

ABB recognized the strategic importance of its corporate real estate portfolio over 25 years ago. Today, the real estate experts at ABB contribute significantly to energy efficiency, climate protection, and the competitiveness of the entire company with the help of the sustainability strategy Green Corporate Real Estate Management (Green CREM).

Since the launch of Green CREM in 2007, energy consumption has been reduced by 60,700 MWh and CO2 emissions by 15,300 tons. In addition, the environmental quality of the ABB locations has improved greatly and significant contributions have been made to climate protection.

Following the successful implementation in Germany and Europe, Green CREM is now being introduced globally under the German ABB real estate experts’ leadership.

ABB also uses its experience and professional competence to support companies outside the ABB Group in creating effective CREM-structures as well as implementing strategies designed to optimize a company’s portfolio.