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Vouchers for one-day tickets

A full exhibition stand and plenty of promising contacts: Don’t forget to invite your potential customers to the fair personally by sending them a voucher for a one-day ticket – a free admission voucher for electronica. It really is worth the trouble! The overwhelming majority of visitors who receive vouchers visit the stand of the exhibitor who invited them to the fair. We also keep a record of the numbers of all vouchers redeemed at the entrance. You can access the address information at the Exhibitor Shop after the fair. That way you know who actually used their guest tickets, information you can incorporate into your other post-fair activities.

What do one-day tickets cost? We will invoice you EUR 16 for each online voucher for a one-day ticket. However, you only pay for vouchers that are actually used, and for no more than three vouchers per square meter of rented exhibition space. As a result, you know exactly what costs to expect in advance. If you need vouchers in printed form, they are available for EUR 18 per voucher.

per redeemed online voucher € 16
per redeemed printed voucher € 18
* No more than 3 vouchers per square meter of rented exhibition space are charged


Voucher banner

Simplify the registration process for your guests by posting a voucher banner on your homepage. Your visitors can use the banner to register in advance using the vouchers or online vouchers for one-day tickets that you sent them. They will then receive a print@home ticket by e-mail.

The advantage: You know in advance who plans to visit your exhibition stand. Simply download the voucher banner and pre-registration information at

Voucher banner Free of charge


electronica logo as ad inset

Inform your customers that you will be exhibiting at the fair ahead of time. Simply incorporate the fair’s logo along with your hall and stand numbers into your print ads. Files in print-ready PDF format are available for download at the Exhibitor Shop at

  • Size 100 mm x 30 mm
  • Size 40 mm x 30 mm
  • Size 35 mm x 15 mm
electronica logo as ad inset Free of charge


Lead logging (Scan2Lead)

Besides professional trade fair invitation management, capturing the visitor data as well as a qualification of meetings already during the event is crucial for your exhibition success. Collecting business cards and evaluating the data after the trade show is complicated and time-consuming.

Take advantage of our visitor tracking system for the electronic recording of all relevant data for efficient contact management. We also offer you the possibility of creating your dedicated lead sheets for a professional logging of business discussions during the event – so that you can promptly provide your customers with the requested information about your products and solutions.

Scan2Lead enables exhibitors to track information of potential customers quickly with just one scan during the on-going event. With our Scan2Lead solution, as an exhibitor you can access registration data and download the full contact data of visitors you scanned at your exhibition stand.

Exporting the data from the Scan2Lead portal into any common database is possible at any time and even up to four weeks after the end of the event. With the new registration system, it is possible to make the contact information which was collected online, but also of visitors who registered on site, promptly available during the trade fair. The miniscanner Collect solution is suitable for the simple collection of visitor data, whereas the Smart solution enables a comfortable addition of complementary, specific visitor information. Simply purchase a license code for our app – and you are all set to go. This option can be further enhanced with a “stationary” version with notebook and scanner gun.

Your benefit: with Scan2Lead, you can log your visitor contact information directly on site at the touch of key.

Lead logging (Scan2Lead) Starting at € 149
* Mindestbestellmenge: 30 Stück


Your key to trade fair success

The initiative ‘Your key to trade fair success’ gives you access to an extensive range of fair-related know-how in the form of various training courses, a handbook for pre-show planning as well as templates and checklists. The package of helpful tools and services gives you additional practical support in the implementation of the most important steps as you prepare for, participate in and follow up on the fair. Professional trade fair planning is the best way to guarantee that you make optimum use of electronica to communicate with your target groups.

Our online training courses were developed especially to meet electronica’s requirements and to support you with valuable information and practical aids to make your exhibit a complete success.

Important: Benefit from our free online training courses for electronica 2018. The electronica project team will pay the participation fee for all registered exhibitors. The initiative ‘Your key to trade fair success’ is administered and implemented by our subsidiary MEPLAN GmbH.

Additional information is available at the Trade Fair Success Initiative information portal:

Exhibitor workshops and online training courses

Exhibitor workshops:
Messe München exhibition venue, 10:00—17:00 CET
Trade show planning workshop ‘Designing your trade fair stand’: March 22, 2018
Trade show planning workshop (professional course): March 23, 2018
Trade show planning workshop (basic course): June 14, 2018

  • Exchange with the exhibition management, trade show experts and other exhibitors
  • Valuable background information for smooth pre-show preparations
  • Suggestions for a continuous optimization of your exhibition presentation
  • Collaborative development of solution approaches to your questions

Online training courses:
As an alternative to the exhibitor workshops offered, these online training courses are live-moderated courses that give you practical tips about all aspects of planning, participating in and following up on the fair that are critical to your success.

All participants call in to a virtual conference room through a web-meeting platform and follow the content of the training course on their own screens and via telephone conferencing.

Content and dates of online training courses:
February 21, 2018 (11:00 CET), Module 1: Planning your trade fair appearance
February 28, 2018 (11:00 CET), Module 2: Designing your trade fair stand
March 07, 2018 (11:00 CET), Module 3: Visitor marketing
July 04, 2018 (11:00 CET), Module 4: Communication at your trade fair stand
July 11, 2018 (11:00 CET), Module 5: Trade fair follow-up and evaluation

Deadline: 2 weeks prior to event



Trade fair consulting

electronica is the perfect platform for communicating with your target groups. Planning your exhibit in detail lays the foundation for your success at the trade fair. MEPLAN CONSULT supports you in all phases of your electronica project—from the preparation and realization right up to a structured evaluation and follow-up.

Benefit from our many years of experience with trade fairs and exhibitions and from our practice-oriented solutions. MEPLAN CONSULT not only offers you an extensive range of trade fair-related consulting, we also provide support to ensure optimum implementation of the exhibition strategies that have been developed with additional resources. Doing so gives you assurance that your individual trade fair objectives are reached in a manner that is both sustainable and profitable.

Trade fair training courses

Whether as a full-day course at your company before the trade fair begins, as an impulse during a sales event or as part of a kickoff on the first day of the trade fair, MEPLAN CONSULT offers customized training courses and workshops that ensure that your employees are perfectly prepared for the trade fair.

In-house trainings: These training sessions offer an optimal preparation for the communicative challenges at the exhibition stand, based on practice-oriented, interactive examples.

Webinars: These will offer you an effective tutorial for your communication and behavioral strategy for the show, which your staff can simply attend from their PC.

Trade Show Kick-off: The kick-off event serves as a perfect motivation boost right before the start of the trade fair, delivered on your exhibition stand.

Live trade-fair training: We check the service quality of your stand staff and give you feedback in a coaching session already during the trade show.


Exhibition-stand feedback: Would you like to know how you can optimize your stand? MEPLAN CONSULT will analyze your stand based on an extensive criteria catalog including aspects such as functionality, design and communication.

Performance analysis: Do you need substantiated data to be able to illustrate your trade-fair success for internal purposes? MEPLAN CONSULT will work with you to compile a structured trade-fair cockpit that will make your success tangible and ensure that you always have an overview of which adjustments are needed to optimize your trade fair presentation. We conduct test visits to your stand incognito and actively participate in the action at the stand to examine quality of service and provide you with appropriate feedback.


Millions of international B2B decision makers at the push of a button.


Digital Marketing Technology for your B2B Growth.

TrustedTargeting powered by electronica lets you reach your target group which you meet at the trade show – always and anywhere online, even when there is no show going on.

TrustedTargeting is a technology that allows you to address B2B decision makers on the internet — no matter what website they visit. The process is quite simple: You provide us with creative material. We realize the online campaign based on our B2B data. Potential customers visit your website.

Fast, measurable and with high cost control our clients gain:

  • access to new target groups online and thereby realize a greater market potential while fully adhering to data privacy laws.
  • a new tool in their digital marketing mix for their international growth strategy that works on all relevant devices and channels.
  • access to a unique and trusted data basis through real customer touchpoints for over 18 B2B industries.


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