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Vouchers for one-day tickets

Invite your customers to the fair and give them a personal gift in the process. Admission vouchers have the name of your company as well as your hall and stand numbers on them. All you have to do is pass the vouchers on to your customers.

  • Before coming to the fair, your customer redeems his voucher number at
  • After successful registration your customer is sent a personalized Print@home-Ticket by e-mail.
  • The printed Print@home-Ticket gives your customer direct access to the fair—without having to wait when he gets there.

Minimum order: 30 vouchers

Overseas incl. Italy: September 17, 2020
Europe: September 24, 2020
Germany: October 01, 2020


Online vouchers for one-day tickets

Online voucher numbers and online voucher links will be sent to you in an Excel file. This is a fast and cost-effective way to invite your customers to visit your stand.

For your customers, the way to a ticket is easier than ever, thanks to the new ticketing system:

  • You send your customer an online voucher number, e.g. by e-mail. Before coming to the fair, he redeems the voucher at
  • After successful registration your customer is sent a personalized Print@home-Ticket and a Mobile Ticket by e-mail.
  • The printed Print@home-Ticket or the Mobile Ticket is a valid admission ticket and allows your customer to avoid waiting when he gets to the fair.

Minimum order: 30 online voucher numbers


Exhibitor passes

The exhibitor passes (free and fee-based) for analytica should be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop. Your exhibitor pass will be issued as a Print@home-Ticket and as a mobile ticket (Wallet / Passbook). Exhibitor passes can be ordered online any time. The Exhibitor Shop will be available to you online both before and during the event. Thanks to the digital dispatch of exhibitor passes by E-mail, order deadlines no longer apply.

Using the exhibitor passes offers you the following advantages:

  • fast and easy access to the ticket
  • short-term orders possible
  • shipping by post is eliminated
  • avoid long queues at the entrance

Each exhibitor will obtain a certain quota of free exhibitor passes depending on the size of his booth. The number of free tickets exhibitors are entitled to will be shown during the registration process.

Up to 12 m² of stand size         2 free tickets
Up to 20 m² of stand size         3 free tickets
From 21 m² of stand size         for every further 20 m²: 1 free ticket in addition

Co-exhibitors obtain one free exhibitor pass. In the final invoice, only those exhibitor passes will be listed that were actually used for the event. Free or unused tickets will not be charged. Any additional, fee-based exhibitor passes will be charged at EUR 42 each plus VAT.


Voucher banner

Simplify the registration process for your guests:
Post a voucher banner on your website. Your visitors can use the banner to register in advance using the vouchers or online vouchers for one-day tickets that you sent them.

After redeeming the (online) voucher, your customers will be sent a mobile ticket in addition to the Print@home Ticket by e-mail. By simply holding the mobile ticket on their smartphone to the scanner at admission, they can pass through the turnstiles. This is the fastest way to guide your customers to your exhibition stand.

Voucher banner free of charge


Exhibition logo as ad insert

Inform your customers that you will be exhibiting at the fair ahead of time. Simply incorporate the fair’s logo along with your hall and stand number into your print ads.

Files in print-ready PDF format are available for download at the Exhibitor Shop at

100 mm x 30 mm
40 mm x 30 mm
35 mm x 15 mm

Exhibition logo as ad insert free of charge


Personalized banners for your homepage

Call your customers‘ attention to your presence at the fair. Post an invitation banner on your homepage that includes your hall and stand number.

Banners with the analytica design can be downloaded at the Exhibitor Shop at Banners are available in various sizes in PNG format.

Personalized banners for your homepage free of charge



Lead retrieval (Scan2Lead)

With Scan2Lead you will digitally retrieve all the visitors’ information simply by scanning the barcode on the visitors’ badges in real time.

With Scan2Lead you gain access to the visitor’s registration data. You can easily amend this data and add further information. All visitor information scanned by your stand personnel can be accessed from your personal Scan2Lead PORTAL in real time and exported through an Excel file.

Scan2Lead offers you three solutions which are customised for exhibitors: With the app Scan2Lead SMART you can scan barcodes or business cards with your smartphone or tablet and add notes, photos etc. The Scan2Lead COLLECT mini scanners are especially easy to use and convenient to capture barcodes very quickly. Scan2Lead STATION offers you a handheld scanner plugged into your laptop and enables you to capture and amend visitor information right at your computer.

Scan2Lead enables you to digitally capture customer data directly at the stand with just one scan process. Forget the time-consuming typewriting and capturing of business cards and contact sheets after the trade fair.

More information

Lead retrieval (Scan2Lead) from € 213


Lead Management Service

Our lead management service is a full-service solution for recording information from meetings with visitors at the fair. This service is particularly suitable for exhibitors who use paper contact sheets and need the information in the form of an Excel list quickly, so that they can respond to visitor inquiries.

We will work with you to compile an ideal lead sheet based on your trade-fair objectives and the information that you want to get from your visitors at the fair. As many printed copies of your lead sheets as you need will be delivered to your exhibition stand prior to the show.

During the fair, the MEPLAN team will digitize your lead sheets and the information that they contain on site. You will receive daily updates of the results in the form of a quality-tested data set in an Excel table with all contact and meeting information as well as assessments regarding visitor profile and interests.

Your advantage: No tying up of resources ahead of, during and after the exhibition, post-fair follow-up can begin while the event is still on-going.

We would be pleased to send you a free, non-binding offer for our services.

Lead Management Service on request


Trade fair training courses

A friendly smile is considered an essential tool of the trade at every show, but that’s not all you need. At the trade fair, your stand team will be in a special communication situation. Not only do your staff members have to actively approach the visitors, they also have to cope with unexpected and sometimes critical situations.

With MEPLAN CONSULT, your stand team becomes a success factor:

In-house training courses:
These training sessions offer an optimal preparation for the communicative challenges at the exhibition stand, based on practice-oriented, interactive examples.

Trade Show Kick-off:
The kick-off event serves as a perfect motivation boost right before the start of the trade fair, delivered on your exhibition stand.

Live trade-fair training:
We check the service quality of your stand staff and give you feedback in a coaching session already during the trade show.

These will offer you an effective tutorial for your communication and behavioral strategy for the show, which your staff can simply attend from their PC.

Trade fair training courses on request



The success of your trade show participation is what counts. MEPLAN CONSULT helps you measure your success.

Service quality analysis
MEPLAN CONSULT actively participates in your stand event. Afterwards, the evaluation results will be discussed so that optimizations can be implemented already during the show.

Exhibition stand feedback
Our exhibition stand specialists will give you professional feedback on your trade fair presentation. The analysis of your stand is carried out based on an extensive catalog of assessment criteria.

Evaluation on request


Reach your target audience – regardless of time and place

Our TrustedTargeting packages allow you to reach analytica’s audience with your advertising message anywhere online – before, during and after the fair.

How it works:
Based on high quality analytica data we can precisely identify and select your target audience. This way your advertising content is spread on the Google display network as well as on social media platforms that your target group visits.

Make use of TrustedTargeting in order to spread your message to the decision makers of the industry or get in contact with potential new customers.

TrustedTargeting campaign „Light” € 2,499
TrustedTargeting campaign „Premium” € 3,799
TrustedTargeting campaign „Advanced” € 6,999

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