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Millions of international B2B decision makers at the push of a button

Digital Marketing Technology for your B2B Growth.

TrustedTargeting powered by INHORGENTA MUNICH lets you reach your target group which you meet at the trade show – always and anywhere online, even when there is no show going on.

TrustedTargeting is a technology that allows you to address B2B decision makers on the internet – no matter what website they visit. The process is quite simple: You provide us with creative material. We realize the online campaign based on our B2B data. Potential customers visit your website.

Fast, measurable and with high cost control our clients gain:

  • Access to new target groups online and thereby realize a greater market potential while fully adhering to data privacy laws.
  • A new tool in their digital marketing mix for their international growth strategy that works on all relevant devices and channels.
  • Access to a unique and trusted data basis through real customer touchpoints for over 18 B2B industries.
TrustedTargeting campaign “Starter” € 1,799
TrustedTargeting campaign “Premium” € 3,499
TrustedTargeting campaign “Advanced” € 6,999

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