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Press Package

Generate press interest with your latest news…

The Press Package includes both a press compartment on site and the online press compartment. Additional advantages of the package are, for example, a comprehensive company presentation, an online picture kit and a detailed press kit. It is simple and effective: just upload all your press material in a ZIP or PDF file, ready for the press to download.

For more details on the “Press compartment at the Press Center West” and the “Online press compartment” scroll further down.

Press Package 170 €

Press compartment at the Press Center West

During INHORGENTA MUNICH 2019, the Press Center West is the first place journalists go to in search of relevant information for their news coverage.

Store your press kits here, so media representatives can conveniently gather comprehensive information about your company. If you plan on providing your news multilingually, we recommend one compartment per language.

Compartments will be tended to by hostesses during the entire exhibition and be refilled when necessary. This ensures that your press materials are displayed in sufficient quantities at all times.

Press compartment at the Press Center each 35 €

Online press compartment

Generate press interest with your latest news at and in the Online Catalog – a press compartment is an excellent way to present your news and interesting projects.

1 online press compartment includes 5 press releases. Each press release can be provided in 5 languages – German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Each press release includes:

  • 2,000 characters of text (including spaces)
  • 1 PDF made available for download
  • 1 picture for download
  • 1 logo for download
  • Contact press
Online press compartment 150 €
Additional press release 50 €